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Welcome to TONOMIA, where technology meets nature to empower sustainable living!

In a world facing the challenges of climate change, population growth, and increasingly scarce resources, TONOMIA presents an innovative approach to sustainable living. The name TONOMIA encapsulates our company’s commitment to total autonomy, occupying spaces smartly, using nearby and nature-friendly resources, relying on smart and sustainable objects and tools, promoting green mobility, ensuring interconnectivity, and embracing activity from anywhere.

All-In-One eParking Solar Module

The first key product translating this vison is our eParking Solar Module. An all-in-one product integrating solar energy harvesting, Sodium battery storage, fast EV charging, wireless connectivity, while recovering rain water.

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tonomia eparking solar
tonomia eparking solar
tonomia eparking solar
tonomia eparking solar for cities

tonomia eparking solar for retail sector

Tonobox: The Nerve Center of Tonomia’s Integrated Systems

Tonobox is the brain of Tonomia’s systems. A cutting-edge multipurpose management device engineered to control a plethora of devices and features, ensuring seamless operation of multifaceted systems. At its core, the Tonobox embodies versatility and efficiency, powered by the compact yet powerful Raspberry Pi computers, renowned for their reliability and adaptability in various technological applications.

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tonobox concept

Both eParking Solar Module and Tonobox were successfully unveiled in CES24 in Las Vegas

About Tonomia srl.

Tonomia SRL is incorporated in Belgium under the company number BE0208716273 . Our headquarters are located at Rue des Gaillettes 20, 4651 Battice-Herve in Province of Liège in Wallonia Region of Belgium close to the 3 borders Belgium-Netherlands- Germany

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