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The G20 meets to discuss land degradation and biodiversity

Build on the demand for economic action, the G20 meets in India to discuss necessary actions against land degradation while improving biodiversity globally

Nokia sees sustainable potential for its digital devices

Following the release of its sustainability report, People & Planet 2022, Nokia outlines its plans to address industrial digitalisation and ESG impact

Will a 4-day work week cut CO2 emissions?

The first successful trials of the 4-day work week have concluded that it improves work-life balance - could it also be the answer to lower CO2 emissions?

Will new ASA guidelines provide an end to greenwashing?

The ASA has redrawn guidelines for advertisers looking to appeal to consumers by raising the bar for those wanting to flex sustainability credentials

Sustainability LIVE deep dive

With just one month until Sustainability LIVE New York, we look back at highlights of September’s event and deep dive into the Racing Towards EV panel

Flex among 330 firms given A-list CDP sustainability status

CDP 2022 report – Scoping out: Tracking Nature Across the Supply Chain - based on data from 18,700 firms who disclosed climate, water & forests impacts

Thailand to become home to the world’s largest solar roof

A solar panel the size of 18 football pitches is currently being built in the Falken tyre manufacturing facility—the largest rooftop installation worldwide

The importance of electrifying buildings in 2023

Prabhat Ranjan, CTO of Sustainable Buildings at Honeywell, discusses the clean energy transition, carbon neutrality targets & electrifying buildings

Nuclear energy could be the saviour of net-zero strategies

The UK will classify nuclear energy as environmentally sustainable as the country hopes it will save emissions and meet current net-zero energy demands

Top 10 brands for diverse corporate social responsibility

Diversity is a mission but also a characteristic of corporate social responsibility (CSR) as different industries strategise for their unique challenges