Will Europe ‘End Fast Fashion’?

The EU parliament has backed recommendations to toughen proposed measures to tackle the excessive production and consumption of fashion.

The New Politics of Marketing

Rothy’s is running a marketing blitz in support of a New York state recycling bill, a sign of fashion’s shifting relationship with politics and advocacy.

What the Quiet Luxury Trend Means for Sustainability

The understated allure of classic, high quality pieces dovetails with conscious consumption calls to buy less, but better. But brands are treating the idea as just another excuse to sell more clothes.

April Is the Greenwashiest Month

The run-up to Earth Day has ballooned into a month-long marketing moment, even as regulators try to crack down on empty sustainability claims.

The EU’s New Greenwashing Rules, Explained

Fashion brands will need to back up ‘green’ claims or risk fines of at least 4 percent of annual revenue in the offending market. But the regulations still leave a lot open to interpretation.

Should Fashion Pay for Its ‘Waste Colonialism’?

Every year, millions of tons of old clothes are shipped around the world as part of the global secondhand clothing trade. Nonprofit The Or Foundation and Vestiaire Collective are lobbying for regulation that benefits the countries where they end up.