Tonomia eParking

eParking Solar Solutions: Sustainable Energy beyond eMobility !

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About Tonomia eParking Solar

Tonomia eParking Solar offers a revolutionary approach to modern parking infrastructure, merging sustainable energy solutions with advanced technology. Designed as a modular system, it harnesses solar power to generate and store electricity, providing not only to vehicle charging needs but also supporting nearby buildings. Beyond its core functions, eParking stands out with its environmentally-friendly materials, AI-driven quality assurance, and intuitive user interfaces, setting a new benchmark in both sustainability and innovation for parking solutions. Now, let’s delve into its impressive attributes.

All-in-One System

Protected by a patent covering 250 specific points, eParking integrates a whopping 25 subsystems, 16 of which are exclusive. From electricity and heat to advertising displays, it’s a holistic system that’s unparalleled.

Smart Control

Ensuring seamless operation for three decades, the smart box in eParking is equipped with dual microprocessors and offers both Wi-Fi and 4G/5G connectivity. This redundancy is the key to its consistent performance.

A Holistic Environmental Approach

eParking champions environmental sustainability by using bio-based materials like wood and recycled paper. With Sodium-Ion batteries and efficient rainwater recovery, it’s not just about generating energy—it’s about preserving our planet.

Modular, Flexible, and Cost-Effective Design

eParking Solar Mounted On Concrete floor

eParking Solar Mounted with Earth anchors

Designed for 2-4 parking spaces, eParking is ultra-modular. It can be scaled up or down based on the requirement. And, unlike competitors, it doesn’t require batch redesigning. Plus, its pre-assembled modules ensure easy deployment.

Robust Battery Storage System

eParking isn’t just for parking lots. Equipped with powerful Sodium (or Lithium) batteries, it can support the daily energy consumption of multiple homes. A commercial area parking can potentially cater to the energy needs of thousands of houses.

Ultra-Compact Charging: Efficiency at Its Best

No parking space is wasted, and the fast charging system, which is modular from 30 kW to 120 kW, directly connects from module batteries, ensuring maximum efficiency.

Solar-Powered Infrastructure

At its core, eParking is built on a modular photovoltaic infrastructure that does more than just shade vehicles. It generates electricity, stores it, and becomes a powerhouse for charging cars. Plus, it doesn’t stop there—it harvests heat and water for its own functioning and supports adjacent buildings.

Peak Energy Storage and Grid Balancing

eParking’s robust storage system (40 kWh/parking space) not only caters to self-consumption but also plays a vital role in grid stabilization. It’s designed to absorb energy peaks from the grid and then release it back when demand arises.

Artificial Intelligence, Driving Quality and Reliability

Borrowing from the automotive sector, eParking leverages AI to ensure the utmost quality and reliability. Automated processes, paired with embedded control systems, make this infrastructure a paragon of reliability.

Assuring Quality and Safety

Thermal imaging cameras keep a watchful eye on photovoltaic cells and repel birds through ultrasonic noise. With a fire detection feature and a self-cleaning system, it’s clear that every detail has been meticulously thought out.

Conclusion: eParking is Investing in the Future

The eParking Solar Solution isn’t just a product—it’s a vision. It combines technical prowess with environmental responsibility, all while ensuring maximum user benefits and cost-efficiency. As the world shifts towards sustainable solutions, eParking stands tall as a beacon of what the future can look like.

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