Amplifying the Voices of Youth for a Sustainable Urban Future: Leading the Way to Recovery (SDG 11) – 2023 ECOSOC Youth Forum, Thematic Breakout Session 1B

The thematic session on SDG 11 will offer a platform for young people from diverse backgrounds and various youth focused stakeholders to amplify the voices of youth from all corners of the world, sharing their expertise, experiences, insights and suggestions on improving sustainable urbanization and youth-led action in cities and other human settlements.

Financing Sustainable Transformation: how industry and sustainability can come together

At the halfway point to the 2030 Agenda, vulnerable countries have been left reeling by multiple global shocks. The war in Ukraine, sharp increases in food and energy prices, and rapidly tightening financial conditions have increased hunger and poverty and reversed progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Water Leadership: Uniting for a sustainable world (Informal Special Event 4, 2023 UN Water Conference)

The UN 2023 Water Conference can become a watershed moment in accelerating the global efforts towards the protection and promotion of the rights to safe water and sanitation, a water secure world and in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. However, this will only happen if the Conference successfully facilitates long-term engagement of underrepresented groups across the water sector and with decision makers.

Water and Energy for Sustainable Development: Integrated Solutions supporting Regional Cooperation, Climate Resilience, and Biodiversity (UN 2023 Water Conference side event)

Support the exchange and dissemination of knowledge and experiences on integrated regional cooperation, sustainable urban and rural development, climate resilience and biodiversity.

Private Sector Forum Thematic Session 5: Sustainable Tourism

Tourism has the potential to be a key agent for sustainable development in LDCs with the sector accounting for 7 per cent of total exports, a figure that stands at 10 per cent for non-oil exporting LDCs. Tourism was among the main contributors enabling the graduation of LDCs which are also Small Island Developing States including Cabo Verde, Samoa, Maldives and most recently Vanuatu.