California fruit growers respond to increased retail demand for sustainability

Retail produce buyers and consumers are becoming more vocal about sustainability in growing and handling California summer fruit, and grower-shippers are making an all-out effort to meet those requests.

Avocado Institute touts commitment to biodiversity, sustainability

In advance of Earth Day, the Avocado Institute of Mexico and its parent organizations held a virtual press briefing, April 17, to discuss its biodiversity efforts.

Local Bounti shares ambitious expansion and sustainability goals

One North American CEA grower is measuring its success in 2023 by its ESG and sustainability milestones, along with growth revenue.

Hass avocado supplier Mission Produce releases 2022 sustainability report

A new report from the Oxnard, Calif.-based company highlights its commitment to a more a sustainable future across its sustainability pillars of people, product and planet.

Importers of Mexican produce emphasize sustainability

Sustainability, a top-of-mind topic for U.S. growers, shippers and retailers, is a priority south of the border as well.

Leading Harvest expands to Australia to streamline sustainability reporting in ag

The nonprofit provides farmers and agriculture customers with a universal certification through its unique Farmland Management Standard, which standardizes sustainability verification and reporting across the industry,

Florida operations focus on long-term with sustainable practices

Customers and consumers alike are demanding suppliers to grow, pack and ship sustainably, and for many of the state’s producers, sustainability is nothing new.

Peanut power: How the little legume plays a big role for sustainability

Not only does growing, harvesting and processing peanuts use minimal resources compared to other nuts, but peanuts also promote soil fertility while producing a flavorful, protein-rich crop.

Oppy outlines sustainability achievements in new report

The Oppenheimer Group has released the first edition of its sustainability report, which company officials say outlines its accomplishments and vision for the future.

‘Sustainability’ unofficial theme of Fruit Logistica 2023

“Sustainability” was one of the most talked about topics at the recent Fruit Logistica 2023, held Feb. 8-10 at Messe Berlin.