Flexitarian protein demands: Consumers call for affordability, health and environmental sustainability

17 May 2023 --- There is significant demand for plant-based proteins globally. So much so that 70% of global consumers seek products with good plant protein sources. A growing shift to a flexitarian diet – driven by health and environmental concerns – are two key reasons for the expansion in plant-based products.

Corbion harnesses plant-based meat preservation antioxidants for environmental sustainability gains

12 May 2023 --- The meat industry has faced increasing scrutiny in recent years over its impact on the environment and food waste. Corbion is tackling both of these challenges through the use of plant-based antioxidants.

New sustainability toolkit to help herb farmers in the botanical industry meet “overwhelming challenges”

16 Mar 2023 --- The Sustainable Herbs Program (SHP) has updated its toolkit to support companies in ensuring a long-term, sustainable supply of botanicals. NutritionInsight sits down with Ann Armbrecht, SHP director, and Taylor Clayton, sustainability impact manager at Traditional Medicinals, to discuss how the update can help build a more sustainable herb industry. “The botanical industry is uniquely suited to lead the way in doing business that serves health and wellness for all – for people, plants and the planet, not just finished product consumers,” says Armbrecht.